Louts Airways is a conceptual airline design aimed at providing a more exciting and engaging travel experience. While connecting passengers with their destination before arrival is the goal of most airlines, it is not always delivered in their respective customer journeys. Lotus Airways allows room for imagination, letting customers enjoy their trip in new ways.
Temperature Changes Livery
The aircraft's unique livery has the ability to change its color schemes depending on the outside air temperature. Colder temperatures make the plane stand out in lush green and blue tones, while warmer temperatures create outstanding purple and orange themes on the fuselage.
Regular Boarding Pass / Lotus Airways Pass 
Regular Boarding Pass: The boarding pass is convoluted with information and, at a quick glance, is hard to comprehend. The most important details are not well-organized and can be easily overlooked.  
Lotus Airways Pass: To create the first memorable souvenir of customers' trips, Lotus Airways provides an exceptional boarding pass that stands out in direct comparison to the regular printouts of competitor airlines.

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