The German Lufthansa-Berlin Foundation is characterized by a diverse range of tasks. Its primary purpose is to preserve historic aircraft. Partly on our own, partly in close cooperation with strong partners, the aim is to restore these aircraft and demonstrate them to the public. The aircraft are brought back to life by presenting them on sightseeing flights, exhibitions, and through maintenance.
An easy to navigate website gives the customers an engaging experience. It makes booking simple and invites for study and sponsorship. 
The memorable brand experience of DLBS, fueled by the roaring engines and the scent of jet fuel at their hangars, will be complemented by branded items such as boarding cards with historic prints or unique shirts as tokens of a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Detailed brochures are displaying technical and historical details about the current fleet of the DLBS. The passion for aviation and its preservation of historic airplanes is shown in editorials. Images from the past and present showcase the reliability of German engineering. 

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